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Couples Coaching - One + One = Two

The dance of relationship is an interesting combination, if you are not dancing the same dance – say one is doing the cha cha and the other is doing the tango, how do you expect to be dancing in unison or getting the relationship you want?

"I work with couples to reach the relationship they have always dreamed of and to assist them to identify a dance that works for both of them."

The root cause to most relationship problems is that the individual perceptions of the world that we dance in is different – which in turn can cause communication breakdowns and unhelpful emotions to rise to the surface.
I assist couples to work together, by showing them how to support each other to take responsibility of what they bring to their relationships and to identify how the problems that arise are either solvable (which can be worked on) or perpetual problems (which are innate to the person so may not ever change)

"The goal is to achieve mature Love, Intimacy & Connection where all of the couples needs are met."

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