Relationship problems? Need help?





Relationship coaching is a highly effective alternative to counselling or online counselling.

This can be done in person or thanks to the internet, I can help you repair your relationships from the privacy of your own home.

During our sessions, I’ll help you resolve your issues, repair the connections and begin being happier.


Low Self esteem

When you walk on eggshells, tiptoeing around sensitive topics  

When people don’t listen to you

It feels like there’s a “fuzzy” communication problem whenever you talk

When arguments over small things explode into heated fights

Your sex life has lost its spark

People have withdrawn or shut down emotionally

You feel blamed and criticized – like nothing you do is ever enough

Your spouse has angry outbursts and can be demanding

You’re struggling to forgive a betrayal of trust (e.g. an affair)

And many other common relationship problems...


What we’ll do together

Address your goals and challenges: As with anything, the starting block of transformation must be from inside. You will need to talk with someone and find out what your goals are regarding your relationships and what are the challenges that you are facing. As a relationship coach, I can give you a trusty confidant with whom you can communicate and address your fears regarding relationships.

Set healthy relationship parameters: Help you set healthy relationship parameters as these are of paramount importance for self-growth.

Help you be honest with yourself: I can help you identify exact what you would like to experience in your relationships by helping you to really get to know yourself and overcome your own internal obstacles.

Grow empathy: The most important skills in a relationship is to have empathy. I can teach you how to be empathetic and this helps you achieve your ideal relationships through care and understanding of other people. Learning this essential life skill can help you avoid repeated arguments as you will learn to understand how your actions affect your relationship with other people. I can also teach you how to interpret another person’s emotions and understand it without getting angry.

Ability to Create Long Term Solutions: I can help you to create a long-term strategy to solve your relationship troubles. There is no point in quick fixes as the problem can arise again as quickly as it disappeared. Great planning, strategy, and discipline to follow are important for lasting change.

Self – Awareness and Reflection: I can give you, insight into yourself thereby allowing you to see the cracks in your relationships. This helps you look at your problems more objectively and react better in situations of stress. I can help enable you to think freely from bias and prejudice thereby nurturing your relationships.

Create Goals and Recognize Obstacles: I can help you identify potential areas of improvement in relationships and help you work on them. By helping you set up goals and find the purpose of your relationships. You can create a roadmap to follow and I can be your positive reinforcement to help you in areas of improvement you would like to achieve. I can also help in solving any setbacks or obstacles you might face by rewiring your thought processes, thereby giving you a stress – free relationship.

Art of Forming Authentic Connections: I can help you master the art of forming connections with people and can help with many problems surrounding relationships. I can help you with any kind of relationship with your family, your husband/wife, friends and work colleagues, anyone who is important to you.

Lifestyle Changes: I will help you understand the importance of strong relationships and a steady lifestyle to sustain them. In the process, I can help you change many parameters about yourself including career focus, taking care of your health and leading an overall balanced lifestyle.