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Motivation is it just a choice?

I have been asking myself  a lot of questions lately around motivation, are we naturally motivated or this just a choice?

What if motivation is garbage and not a feeling and only a decison...?

What if you were only one decision away from a totally different relationship, life, income, space & body....?

What if everything comes down to you decisions....?

What if you change your decisons  and this will change everything that shows up in your life....?

What if you can always choose what to think and what actions to take....?

What if the only things you can control were your thoughts and the actions you take...?

What if feelings were not real and just indicatiors....?

I often find myself in a space of question, some people have called me anylitical....some people have called me deep....some people have called me sensitive...some people have called me many things......and maybe I am all of these plus more....

What I have identified within myself is that there are way more possibilities than we think and feel. 

Both are stories we have created and our feelings are just indicators as to what really lies beneath. 

The more I look within and ask myself these questions I realise nothing really exisit other that what we choose, and motivation is just a choice......

If you would like some assistance or guidance on how to truly move forward in your interpersonal relationships, external relationships or your relationship with self I'd love to be of support!!