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Christina Longley

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Christina Longley is an Experienced Relationship Coach Based in Wellington

Christina's passion is working with all types of relationships:
Interpersonal Relationships - Work, Partner, Family, Friends

Relationship with Self - Mind, Body,Soul

External Relationship - Time, Money, Home  

She specialises in an intensive relationship coaching therapy sessions that combine: Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy, Psychosensory therapy, Relationship Coaching, Art Therapy, Personal Organising & Communication techniques to intensify and fast track the future you have only dreamed of having. She guides you to find happier, healthier, honourable and authentic relationships with yourself, others and things!

Couples Workbook

Get to Know Yourself and Your Partner Working Through our Free Couples E-Book

Get Answers and Solutions to Fix Your Relationship Problems Fast By:

  • Identifying Most Critical Issues
  • Ten Steps for Resolving Conflict
  • Couple and Family Maps
  • Personality - SCOPE Out Your Personality
  • Sharing Strength and Growth Areas
  • Creating a Wish List Using Assertiveness and Active Listening

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